New Blog!

If you happen to have arrived here on my blog, I suppose it may be a google search of my name “Charmaine Yip” or of similar mediums. Well, I’m glad to have this domain but I have decided to move to a new blog.

Charmaine Yip is my name and it is significant but I wanted a blog that represents who I am and my journeys. I’ve created a new blog that describes my adventurous journeys and have started after my undergrad graduation.

Please join me in my path to happiness.

New Blog: Experimental Girl

Graduation in 2 weeks!

It’s crazy to know that I’ve worked on our 4th year exhibition since September and that in less than 2 weeks, not only will it be launched, but I’m graduating from university! I remember everything so clearly – from the first time I took a tour at Ryerson (and jealous of my friends who can study elsewhere outside of Toronto) to the first class I went to and met the 60 people who will go through the new media program with me. These are the graduates of 2012, the people whom I had witnessed and people whom I had grown up together.

I read an entry from a friend lately who is a student ambassador like myself. She wrote about graduation and whether she should be worried. She wrote about that she didn’t know what she was good at, nor she identified her skills, until one day someone complimented her for her writing skills. It was only then that she realized she had some hidden talent that she have had the fortune of having – that some of her natural skills actually are “real world skills” and that they matter. It’s interesting because I can relate to it so well. It is sometimes hard to know what you are good at – until you stand back and take a look, listen to what others say and map them out perhaps on paper. Her final line really touched me: “If you do what you love and follow your interests then you won’t have to “pad your résumé” to look good to potential employers for life after university – you’ll already be there.

I agree.

Life works in a funny way sometimes. It can be ironic and leaves you surprised. Opportunities comes and go, and sometimes, leaves us wondering “What if…” Perhaps, I was fortunate to be a worrywart because it helped me to pave my path forward. When I was going through second year, I feared and panicked like a university graduate. I felt upset that I did not feel I was learning enough from university, that I had not made my money’s worth or my commute time. Can these be my blessings? I think so. In fear and frustration, I started looking and identifying my interests and hunted the resources to learn about the arts. I stepped out of comfort zone, and started questioning, meeting people from all over and didn’t let the idea of being alone bug me. Whatever challenge that was standing my way, I pushed it aside and leaped over it. I told myself that fear is just an interference – something that is pushing me from my full potential. I embraced in opportunities. 

I’m graduating in 2 weeks and I’m still uncertain what I’ll be doing post-graduation. I have no jobs lined up for me, nor do I have a career planned. What I do have though is my ambition, my experiences and my will to keep looking. With that, I know it will bring me forward.


Photos for the META 2012 website by Katrina Sung 


I’m graduating in less than 3 weeks and this is definitely an exciting time! Although I don’t have a job title as my dream job, I know my interest lies within the youths and non-profit and making a difference in people’s lives.

I’ve been attending a lot of events lately to learn more about myself, my interests and hearing from other people’s experiences. This past week, I finished my 3 performances for Paprika Festival and it was a success! Who knew that I would ever be part of a stage and can call myself an actor? I know I can now – because I was one of those 100 artists that was part of the festival.

I’ve been meaning to make business cards before I graduate especially because I’ve been going to a lot of events and meeting a lot of people. I attended the Alumni Expo this week and met many alumni members who gave advices to graduating students. It has always fascinated me to hear other people’s stories and what they had went through.

I recognized a familiar name (well, a few actually – some are really involved in the Ryerson Community) but one specific individual sparked from another connection: Power Unit Youth Organization. This is the youth organization that I have been part of for the last 6 years. He was part of a partner association that we had worked with for many years and I went to say hi and that we had similar connections. For the first time, I was asked if I had a business card on me. I didn’t.

This weekend, I saw a promotion on an Internet ad. The deal was really good and I happen to have found a design that I thought well suited me. I was impressed and loved it – I had to get it! Now I’m really excited for it to come in the mail in 2 weeks – it’s my first personal business card.

Here’s a preview:




The year 2012 is huge for me. I knew that I was going to make it ‘my’ year and nothing and no one is going to change that. I’m starting fresh, continuing with my ambitions and finding more to do. The idea is not to use up my time, or that I have a lot of time, but rather the numerous experiences I wish to gain and the skills I wish to obtain.

One of the best advices I had ever received was:  “Don’t worry about finding yourself. Instead, lose yourself. Do everything you love, keep experimenting and you will find your passion.

Here on this blog, you will find my weekly adventures and what I’ve done each week. So far, I’ve been exhausted as I spend 12 hours running 4-5 plays a day. I’m physically drained but mentally satisfied and happy.

Join me!