About Me

“I search, I strive, I find, and when I don’t, I keep trying.” 

Charmaine Yip is an aspiring artist, writer, designer and everything in between. With a passion for the arts and culture in Toronto, she hope to one day break into this industry and support local artists to grow. With an optimistic and energetic personality, Charmaine embarks the opportunity in being young – participating in youth outreach programs in the performing arts, attending community building workshops and events in the city to expand her horizon. Her background and expertise is working with youths, non-profits and outreach activities.

An upcoming graduate in April 2012 with a Fine Arts degree in New Media, she is a strong conceptual designer with an understanding of interactive and digital design. Currently employed as a Student Ambassador by Ryerson University, Charmaine loves her job as she gets to meet new people, provide advice on tours and write blogs and to make a difference in the lives of others.

This blog will be a record of her weekly achievements and how 2012 is going to be the year she will make her dreams come true.

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