I’m graduating in less than 3 weeks and this is definitely an exciting time! Although I don’t have a job title as my dream job, I know my interest lies within the youths and non-profit and making a difference in people’s lives.

I’ve been attending a lot of events lately to learn more about myself, my interests and hearing from other people’s experiences. This past week, I finished my 3 performances for Paprika Festival and it was a success! Who knew that I would ever be part of a stage and can call myself an actor? I know I can now – because I was one of those 100 artists that was part of the festival.

I’ve been meaning to make business cards before I graduate especially because I’ve been going to a lot of events and meeting a lot of people. I attended the Alumni Expo this week and met many alumni members who gave advices to graduating students. It has always fascinated me to hear other people’s stories and what they had went through.

I recognized a familiar name (well, a few actually – some are really involved in the Ryerson Community) but one specific¬†individual¬†sparked from another connection: Power Unit Youth Organization. This is the youth organization that I have been part of for the last 6 years. He was part of a partner association that we had worked with for many years and I went to say hi and that we had similar connections. For the first time, I was asked if I had a business card on me. I didn’t.

This weekend, I saw a promotion on an Internet ad. The deal was really good and I happen to have found a design that I thought well suited me. I was impressed and loved it – I had to get it! Now I’m really excited for it to come in the mail in 2 weeks – it’s my first personal business card.

Here’s a preview: